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Nicole Valio Walk-a-Thon Fundraiser
in Honor of August Valio

October 18, 2008 - Addison, Illinois

After watching my grandpa, August Valio, suffer with macular degeneration for the last ten years, I decided that it was about time I do something. By organizing a walk-a-thon and collecting donations, I was able to raise $9,080 for the Macular Degeneration Foundation. I am extremely appreciative of the generosity and enthusiasm of my family, friends, and all the donors. It is a group of people like this that offer my grandpa and me hope for future generations.

Walkers & Donors:

The Valio Family, The Amore Family, The Deatsch Family, The Stiefbold Family, The LaSala Family, Derrick Lipinski, David Stein, Bruce Goldman, Charlotte Klingbiel, Roy Dahl, Nancy Sullivan, Brother David Paszkiet, Mayor Larry Hartwig, Kathy & Jim McCoy, Keith & Annette Savage, Mike Cohen, Herman Vigerust, Tim Ryan, Elizabeth Cook, Stephen Baran, Chris Zimmerman, Mike Myers, Rainn Incardone, Dominick Voso, Frank Goldak, Christian Schwerd, George Gianakos, Dr. Lenard Schwartz, The Ditola Family, The Nitti Family, Michael B. Stolte, John Charmelo, Gail Rohlfing, Sheri Zeman, Michael J. Lee, Paul May, Tom Ragauskis, Kristin Milley, John & Barbara Vestuto, Kathy Sherry, Dr. Letitcia DeMaio, James & Kim Zipper, Geri Buenger, Tony Vymola, Mike Balile, Mary Sue Parlatore, Dr. Ronald Stefani, Sean Bieterman, Eric Henschel, Elizabeth Galligan, Carl Pomilia, Melissa Gagliano, Amita Nair, Patricia Apostopoulos, Jason Bugajsky, Lindsey Kincyk, Steven Bruns, Gloria Stellman, John Nettleton, The Woodford Family, Ryan Molek, Laraine Parker, Lori & Harry Theodore, Marc Miller, Mike Miller, Fred Muehleman, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Lucille Zucchero

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