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Posted: 5/8/2017

Resources to Support Seniors in Need
I often sit and chat with my 85-year-old neighbor Bev, and recently sheís been filling me in on the details of her life. Both heartbreaking and inspiring, itís a story I wonít soon forget.

Bev and her husband have overcome some truly devastating challenges, from fertility struggles to substance abuse. Her husband was recently diagnosed with Alzheimerís disease, and she says that after 50 years together, coping with the necessary changes to her husbandís care, her home, and her life overall has been a lonely process.

I decided to reach out to other seniors who might be dealing with similar problems the best way I know how. I put together a collection of resources in the hopes of showing them how much support they truly have. I thought it would be a helpful addition to your website

Home Improvement Ideas
Improvements for Seniors
Guide for Seniors with Disabilities

Social Networks for Seniors
Social Support Groups

Health Benefits from Having Pets
The Value of Pets to Seniors

Guide to Addiction Prevention for Seniors
Addiction Prevention
Medicare Guide

Recognizing and Treating Depression
Depression Guide

Contributor: Kathleen Carter -

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